All you want to know about the Maharaja Express

A luxurious traveling experience is what adds new charms to the tour. However, airplanes are not the only option to make your traveling luxurious. There are some trains offered by IRCTC that make traveling a luxurious and royal experience for the travellers.

Maharaja Express is one of the most popular train tours all over the world. In fact, the train service has been awarded as the best luxury train in the whole world. With that reputation, Maharaja Express attracts travellers from all over the world.

Here, in this article, you will find all your answers regarding the services and tour provided by the Indian Railway  withMaharaja Express.

  1. What types of journeys are possible through Maharaja Express?

Maharaja Express offers the ultimate royal experience in terms of luxury train tours. And that luxury becomes available to the travellers in the different type of journeys. The train provides 5 different types of journeys that include various travel experiences.

There are two of the five journeys that include a 3 nights’ tour, and the rest three journeys include 7 nights’ tour. The tour also differs in terms of destinations. One of the major attractions that this train takes you to is the Jungle Safari at the Tiger Reserve in Ranthambhore. Plus, you get to spend time in the Taj Mahal and visit Jaipur to explore the pink royal city.

  1. What are the features that make this train a luxurious experience?

Almost all kinds of facilities become available to make your tour a royal experience. The train offers deluxe cabins and many suites packed with personal bathroom, internet, television, AC, and many other luxury comforts.

When you move out of the personal cabin comfort, the public areas further enhance the fun and entertainment by offering high-end restaurants and bars. The train has two restaurants offering multiple dining along with your favourite drinks.

For the people who like to mingle, there are fine areas such as bars and lounge provided. These areas become perfect to enjoy time in comfort, have drinks, and exchanging talks with new people.

Along with all of that, the train also has an appealing boutique that showcases beautiful creations.

  1. What are the sightseeing opportunities possible?

The sightseeing is arranged by the train services too. Multiple transport services are arranged according to the package you select. These facilities let you experience highly popular travel destinations in a comforting manner.

Depending upon the journey you select, it is possible to visit and see places like Ajanta Caves, Jaipur, Udaipur, Taj Mahal, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Khajuraho temple, and much more.

You can select a journey from Mumbai to New Delhi, New Delhi to Mumbai, and New Delhi to New Delhi.

  1. What does the booking cost cover in the journey?

Maharaja Express provides you a complete package of luxuries such as furnished cabins, comforting beds, bathroom, meals, beverages and monument sightseeing and porter fee as well.

There are various facilities that are not included in the train booking fee. However, you can include them too by paying a certain extra price.

Having known all of this, you should move straight to contact for booking and plan your journey.