Use Google playstore than other application downloader

   Smartphone plays a major role in everyone’s life.  All the peoples in this generation are using the Smartphone because it is user friendly and can do most of the works that carried in the computers. They have the wide range of uses. There is no need to carry the bulk luggage to do such activities by the Smartphone. They are easy to carry than the computers and laptops.  Smartphone are available in different rates.   According to the budget and the need, buy the one what suits you.  Buy the best brand in the market. The money spent on Smartphone should not be wasted by low quality products in the market.

Things to note when buying:

           There are many people in the world who buys the Smartphone depending upon their appearance.  The purpose of buying the Smartphone are differs by every person. Some people buys to speak to the other people while the other people buys to use the applications in the Smartphone. If you are second types of person, there are many things you have to see when buying the Smartphone. The Smartphone you buy should not hang while using them.  Check the Ram of the mobile. If the ram is high, the chance of hanging when using the mobile is less.  Internal memory of the mobile is also important thing. If the internal memory is low, it will affect you when updating the application.

        There are many mobile applications are developed to clear the RAM of the mobile. It is better to download them in your mobile and use for clearing. Try to clear the junk files in the mobile frequently.  Do not keep the unnecessary mobile application in the mobile.  They occupy the space in the mobile. Check the terms and conditions of the application you download. Some application in the playstore has the ability to access your contacts in mobile, files in the gallery etc. Beware of that application.


 Use trusted application when downloading the application:

            It is better to prefer the play store for downloading the other application. There are many application downloader are available. Among them Google playstore is the trusted one.  They are user interface.   Anyone can download or update the mobile application using the playstore.  Not only the playstore, there are many Google applications are available. It is better to use that application than the other uncertain application.  The number of application available in the playstore is beyond the count.