Incident response – why do you need professional help?

Before discussing the incident response, you need first to know what incident response is. Incident response is a way to identify the malicious objects to recover from the security incidents of bad people and to improve the situation from the security breach condition. Actually, incident response is an approach to address the security problem and to manage the consequence of an incident of the security. The aim of the incident response is to manage a situation with utmost care to minimize the damage and save valuable time to recover. Incident response actually tries to prevent the cyber threat. If any official website of an organization or a bunch of organizations is hacked, then an incident response is necessary to prevent that problem.

Some organizations provide this service to prevent the cyber threat. One such organization is Blue Coat.

Now the question is- why professional help is necessary to attend the incident response.


Several explanations reveal why professional help is necessary

  • Incident points out the existence of a problem. An incident can be a source of a bigger problem. So the priority is to prevent the incident or create a plan to recover from the probable aftermath of the incident. When you say that an incident takes place that means something unusual has happened. Now this job can be properly addressed only by a professional team. A professional or a professional team has experienced men who can address the actual point or source of the incident.
  • Also, if you identify the problem, then it is easy to prepare the next step of action. Most of the times the professional expert sees the incident properly, and then analyzes the situation and prepares for the solution. As stated a professional has several security systems to identify and eliminate the source of the incident and create a condition to prevent further degradation.
  • A professional can have a system to monitor the regular condition of the network and your website. Even such monitoring can identify the probable future incident.
  • Also, one big reason to take help of a professional is to address the problem timely. Now, you can’t get a response so quickly, as a professional expert can.
  • It is not necessary that all the situations or incidents are severe, but only an expert can identify the true condition of the incident. And can take proper step accordingly. Blue Coat is one such example who can provide you with a professional expert.
  • You can say that somebody is trying to steal essential data from your website. But you can’t protect your website. A professional can take proper action to save essential and sensitive data.
  • You can also have a recovery support system to control the further serious damage to your website. Only a professional can create a recovery support system to save your business from future problems. Even this support system helps you to make required adjustments and develop the action plan to create an incident response team.

The above reasons highlight why professional help is necessary for incident response.