Blue Coat – Positive recognition and product categories

Blue Coat is presently an industry head in the field of superior enterprise security. The company was originally founded in the name of CacheFlow in 1996. The organization altered its name to Blue Coat to replicate its new-fangled importance on enterprise security in 2002. Blue Coat is invoking the representation of a baseball umpire’s the same. In March 2015, the company was obtained by a private fair play firm Bain Capital. The company runs on different categories such as cloud security, software and network security. Advanced enterprise security is provided by Blue Coat Systems for 15,000 companies all over the world. Blue Coat Systems’ profile helps you to know more about this organization without any hassles. Blue Coat is resided at the position of 80 in all among the 100 largest global companies. The security platform of Blue Coat offers an integrated proposal that addresses security, companies and cloud requirements.

Focuses on growth and innovation

Blue Coat offers products for providing first-rate protection against superior threats and enhancing performance for services and cloud applications. This lets consumers a minimal impact on network performance. The company highly concentrates on innovation and growth with 200 patents pending and issued. Blue Coat Systems also maintains numerous Research and Development centers all over the world. All sorts of facilities are accessible in Sunnyvale, California and also in other countries.

The organization also offers 24/7 global support as Follow the Sun Model from all of its six support centers. In recent years, Blue Coat has attained important positive credit within the industry. Some notable awards are the best cloud computing security solution in 2015, web security vendor in 2014 and global network security in 2016.


Acquirement focus of Blue Coat

Blue Coat obtained three different companies from 2003 to 2006. The companies are URL filtering vendor Cerberian, Permeo technologies for its secure sockets layer VPN appliance and anti-virus vendor Ositis Software. The organization extremely transformed into the WAN optimization marketplace and it moved its attainment focal point to companies with performance and caching technologies. NetCache business is gained by Blue Coat from NetApp in 2006. The organization also acquired Packeteer that is a bandwidth management company for above 200 million in 2008. Join with Blue Coat Systems’ profile to know more information about their awards and acquisitions. In 2010, Blue Coat is also obtained S7 software solutions which are a provider of software migration services and products.