Four tips that every parent must read before allowing kids to access internet

Worried about your kid while he or she uses internet for the first time? Here are some tips for you.

Online safety needs to be discussed before allowing kids to use internet

Kaspersky Lab’s security researcher David Emm recently interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about online safety for kids. He stressed on the point that parents need to talk about online safety with their kids before they get access to internet.

“Instead of allowing them to use the computer alone for the first time, parents should sit with their kid and highlight safe and unsafe aspects. Talk to them about internet usernames, passwords, and other safety aspects,”-says the security researcher.

Teach your kids to behave appropriately while in virtual world

“Will you abuse your friends in the middle of the road? Would you just start a conversation with a complete stranger while walking? If you cannot do it in real world, don’t try it in virtual world as well,”-says Norton’s online safety advocate Shelagh McManus. She suggests parents to teach the same to their kids when they are being introduced to the internet.

“Whatever you write online is stored in some form or the other. These days, schools and universities keep an eye on students’ online activities. If kids write something wrong, it might haunt them in later part of their life,”-says McManus. To be on safer side, parents should ask their kids about stuff they are posting online.

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Ask kids to not to write anything that they would regret writing later

Fujitsu UK’s security associate David Robinson suggests that parents need to teach their kids to not to write anything that would hurt sentiments of other people. Kids should be taught from day one, they should not write something that they would regret writing later.

During his interaction with journalists about online safety Robinson pointed out that Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ is only applicable in Europe. So, whatever kids write while they are young would always remain on the internet in some or the other form.

David Robinson also highlighted the point that gadgets used by kids need to be protected. No matter if it’s smart phone, tablet PC or computer.

Keep track about your kid’s online activities

You should install mobile monitoring software program to keep track about your kid’s activities on smart phone. The best solution would be installing spy app like MSpy on your kid’s smart phone and computer.