4 Things to Prove You’re an Avid Bundesliga Fan

Bundesliga fans come from all over the world. Yet certain traits unify them. Hence, geographical boundaries don’t seem to exist anymore. You can be from anywhere yet you speak the same language and feel the same excitement as any other Bundesliga fan does. Even other sports celebrities are ardent fans like you. No wonder it’s the highly watched sports league worldwide. Here are four ways to tell an avid Bundesliga fan from the rest.

You play FIFA

The popular video game series offers a simulation complete with actual lookalike players. No doubt you enjoy playing the game, particularly during the off season to relive and keep the game alive. Yet did you know many soccer fans to date began to like the game from playing FIFA? As it turns out, many players who got into FIFA weren’t fans of soccer, to begin with. The game’s accuracy in relation to the actual sport and its players is what draws in the fans.

You watch soccer on YouTube

Chances are you’ve spent an afternoon or two, perhaps even more on YouTube. It’s the only way to watch highlights from classic games. Where else can you live through again the move of some of the greatest players ever to grace the field. You can even go as far back and watch the glory days of legends like Pele, Johan Cruyff, or El Diego. Best of all, you have a front row seat.

You know your European geography

Unless you live in Europe, your love of the game has led you to learn about the continent’s geography. Only true dedicated fans would take the time to get to know these details. Then again, you could just be up to date on current events. Another interesting trait of soccer fans who happen to be non-Europeans is their ability to pronounce the names of European football players. This can be somewhat of a tongue twister. Yet fans seem to breeze through it as they cheer.

You have the football Bundesliga app

You’re not a true fan unless you have the fußball app installed on your smartphone. The app gives you up to the minute information. Even down to the last second. Hence, you can keep tabs on the full live scores from the three national soccer leagues. When you can’t watch your favorite team play, you can rely on the Bundesliga app to keep you posted about the game.