Athlete’s dream of improving the vertical jump could become a reality

Many of us aren’t aware of the term “vertical jump” and the meaning of it. It is nothing but the difference between height of a person while standing and the highest point one could reach while jumping. Athletes are very keen to improve their vertical jump for better performance in the game. It is not limited to athletes but a non athlete could also try to improve vertical jump if they like to. There are many things such as strength shoes, eBooks, online programs, etc which guarantee to provide training for the improvement of our vertical jump but fail to provide good results.

 Many athletes are tired of trying so many things and are in need of something that actually works and to rejoice they do have a solution which is vert shock, a training program developed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington. They train individuals for 8 weeks and ensure that the training will surely add up 9 to 15 inches to the individual’s vertical jump. The entire program is divided into three phases, they are

  • Pre shock phase
  • Shock phase
  • Post shock phase

vert shock 4Pre shock phase:

It is the starting point of a person which lasts for just one week. In this period a person has to prepare his body for upcoming exercises to be done and to identify the amount of muscle fiber being used. The developers say that one could achieve minimum of 3 inch improvement after the completion of this phase.

Shock phase:

Shock phase plays a vital role in the entire program as it is the main phase of it. This phase is quite long as it lasts for 6 weeks training. They provide training for plyometric and strength exercises in this period and a person should do all the exercises daily without taking break even for one day. Importance of fast twitch muscle fibers in generating energy is also taught which in turn enhances the performance.

Post shock phase:

This phase lasts for one week and is considered as the last phase of the vert shock. We don’t have to perform high jump only once but every time and so this phase is also important. In this phase we would be able to give commands to our muscles and they would act accordingly. After completion of program one would be able to see the remarkable increase in vertical jump.