List Has Only The Essentialities Of The Creator

This quintessential app will save your most valuable time and budget in a store, thus it is a must one.Most of the smart users while choosing their products spend less time and need not forget the list of items. Shopping in a huge supermarket is time consuming m while selecting your choice – but please lean back and here is an app that gives you shopping as easy as buying a pie.


Create a shopping list and sync it with your family and friends, if you need to purchase any of them feel free to list the same. Multi- platform app works on android and ions and in any good device. Go to web and prefer a platform to make your list. Most simple, this shopping list can be made either by child or elderly person. We make our app as friendly and easy to use. List can be made on the move, even voice listing is also possible. You can assign groups for specific food items by coloring and grouping the same.  Self learning dictionary entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future entry. Like any other device even word prompter is available once a few letter is typed it will identify the item names.  Updater grocery list instead of making voice request, the list change will be shared by the app by push notifications. Even sharing grocery list through email, sms by duplicating the lists is possible. Any specific party requires pizza ingredients which cannot be mixed in the normal plain list. You can create one cool pizza ingredients list and make a clone and make necessary minimal corrections.

Multiple shopping lists also can be created.  Each store must be created with a clear list and to be named accordingly egg. My birthday party, my wish list…etc, alternatively you can make a clean grocery list for special events or essential calendar events you plan to organize. The lists generator as a my-to-do check list is also possible, cool, isn’t it?

This great app has got rave reviews among the discerning users saying” I highly recommend this app”,” Love that I can share lists” “Solid sync in real time across multiple devices”

The smart people’s smart choice will be always Grocery list