How to choose the best umbrella this season?

Monsoon or rainy season demands buying a good umbrella that protects you from rain and windy conditions. But it should be noted that even summer season requires buying a good umbrella. Even though we have wide-brimmed hats and caps in the market, umbrellas give you the best kind of protection against all seasonal odds.

If you are buying an umbrella without looking at its specifications and just getting attracted by its handle or design or colour, then you need to read this. In this article, we are enlightening you with the prerequisites before buying an umbrella for any season.

The main aspects that you need to consider before buying an umbrella are as follows:


Yes, we need umbrellas not for showing off or as a mandatory requirement but to protect yourself from the harsh weather. It could be rains or heat. In this case, the general rule is larger the canopy of the umbrella, greater the protection for you. So, do not buy umbrellas with narrow canopies that do not cover your body. Always go for larger ones. Always open the umbrella and stand under it. Observe how much of the area it is covering and shortlist the largest one.

Another significant aspect pertaining to protection is that you should be protected against winds. Some umbrellas available in the market are not strong enough to bear heavy winds. As a result, they break or even get blow away. Hence, always go for windproof umbrellas that will in protecting you against winds for a long time, without getting drenched. Though these kind of umbrellas are expensive, it is always better to buy it instead of going for the low quality ones.

If you are buying an umbrella for protecting yourself against sun, then you can for light-weight, smooth fabric ones. Nowadays, even cotton umbrellas are in the stores that look beautiful and also protect you from heat. You feel cool even while walking in the sun.


The next aspect is the convenience that it offers while commuting or travelling. You will lever like an umbrella that is too heavy or too big that you can’t even carry often. Though some umbrellas look pretty, they are larger in size. If you are commuting on a daily basis, then it is better to carry a compact umbrella. It will fit easily in your bag or you can carry it anywhere without any difficulty. At the same time, compact umbrellas does not mean a delicate one that can get easily blown by a heavy downpour. You should keep in mind that even if you are umbrella is compact, it should be a robust one.


Your umbrella should be durable so that it lasts for a longer period of time. You should not keep buying umbrellas every year.

Colours and designs

Finally, you can choose from a wide range of colours and designs as per your likes. People judge not only by a person’s clothes but also by the accessories he or she carries. Hence, if you are image conscious, then choose the most beautiful one.

Thus, you need to consider the above aspects in an umbrella shop.