Get satisfied by shopping in a well-developed and well-furnished shopping mall

Shopping is one of the favourite things of almost all human being. Whether you are a kid or an adult or an old person. Brazil is a beautiful South American country which includes several states. The beautiful country is popularly known for its beaches. The country’s culture is highly influenced by Portuguese culture. Most of the states of this country still possess the Portuguese traditions including music, literature, and several others. One of the largest states of Brazil is Paraíba the capital of which is João Pessoa which is known for its prominent shopping area. The number shopping malls here is growing fast with keeping a pace with globalization.  One of the biggest shopping complex here is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping with all the modern amenities. Once you been there at Manaira Shopping complex you may never get a better experience than this one.

Concept behind the opening of this shopping mall

The Manaira shopping mall was established in the year 1989 with the emergence of globalization and giving the residents a feel of new cultural evolvement. Earlier the shopping was known by roaming around the market, visit store to store for small essentials. But with the opening of this mall, all the necessities related to the daily requirement made available here.


Facilities available in the complex

All the facilities including, fashion, clothes, jewellery, entertainment, bar, food court, cinema hall or any other thing you wish you will get here. And the best part is all these are available under one roof. The kid’s fun area is beautifully organized to add the adventure to children. You need not have to look for the place where you can keep your kids while shopping for essentials.

Future planning for providing more comfort to visitors

The owner of the mall Robert Santiago is planning to expand the complex for adding few more adventures to the visitor’s life. He has invested a good amount of budget to this project and will be operational from 2017. He planned this expansion after seeing a rise in a number of footfalls every year in this mall. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping was and entrepreneurial start-up of the owner and he has now become a successful business man. Recently he inaugurated another mall from a bit far from this area which showed a record sale on the first day of opening. If you have planned to visit this place, do shopping in this mall for a different experience.