How To Start A Blog in 6 Easy Steps

Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining it is not. Many other tried to create a blog but quitted halfway. The most important and the hardest to get ingredient in creating a blog is determination, dedication, and motivation. Without these three, you can now forget to create your own website.

A new blog is like a newborn baby on the internet. No one knows you. You have to grow and make a name for yourself. You will experience months of zero to few viewers on your website. That is a devils call. Without the three most important ingredients, you will surely answer the devils call and quit blogging.

There must be a reason why you want to start a blog. Here are the few reasons and things that kept bloggers from quitting even though they are getting nothing.

Make Money From Home

This is the most popular and most common reason for blogging. You can escape your stressful day job and focus on the comfort of your living room. Of course, the money you can make from blogging is proportional to your readers. No readers, no money.

Become an Author

Publishers nowadays choose new authors that have distinguished themselves on the internet. They are either an accomplished blogger or a freelance writer. Either way, if you want to be an author, blogging is the first step to your career.

Business Exposure

Blogs are also used as a marketing strategy. Having an online presence for your business can reach even more customers than before.


If you love writing, then start blogging. It is best to share what you write and what you do on the internet. Who knows, it may reach someone who really needs it.

The 6 Steps in Starting A Blog

To create a blog, there are 6 primary steps that you must follow on how to start a blog. These steps are necessary. You can’t have a rich blog site if you skip one or more of these steps.

Step 1. Decide Your Topic

You can’t just start blogging without thinking about the topic first. You can choose broader ones or very specific ones with so much attention to detail. However, it is best to choose broader topics. It provides rooms for many subtopics and ample of discussion. Of course, you must know many things about that topic. And most of all, you must blog something you enjoy.

Step 2. Choose a Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is an application, which will upload what you blog to the internet. It is your gateway. There are free blogging platforms, but they are severely restricted. Normally, a blogging platform will cost you money. But with only a simple starter blog, you can purchase cheap plans.

Step 3. Finding a Host

Instead of saving what you do on your computer, a host will save all your blogs on their server. This will enable others to see all your work. The host provides a server space for you. This space can be considered as a piece of land on the internet where you can build your blog.

Step 4. Domain Name

Domain name is your web address. Pick an interesting one and that is related to the contents of your blog.

Step 5. Install Your Blogging Platform

In this case, the most popular blogging platform today is WordPress. Let’s admit it. I know that you will use it too.

Step 6: Design and Start Blogging

Now you have your very own website. You need to have knowledge in website design to fully customize it though. However, there are free themes that you can use.


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