Pets are the best companion for the patients who need a mental support

Have your doctor has referred for a pet at your home for your mental development support? So it’s very good news for you as a pet can be a great companion for you. But sometimes while travelling it becomes a problem to carry your pet with you. Many people object in carrying the pet with you in the public transport. And at this point only the ESA letter can help you to travel to anyplace without any problem. This is being issued by the registered people and that they can be eligible for travelling to any place without any issue.

What is ESA and what is its necessity?

Now what is this ESA? ESA is emotional support animal letter which is a letter provided by the licensed medical professional and thus you can easily carry them even if the place is having “no pet allowed” sign. Many people often suffer from some problems and in that case, pets are being referred as a part of the treatment process. So they are commonly termed as the emotional support animal for you. But there are many places where the pets are not allowed such as in air travelling and many hotels and restaurant where no pets are allowed. So you need to attest a letter from the medical professional who will refer a letter and that would help you to take the pet to anyplace you want to.


What is the process of getting the letter?

There are a few processes by which the letter is being made or given. The letter needs to have the following information about you and your pet. The passenger’s mental disability has to be mentioned and that how is it applicable for the life activities of the patient. Emotional support letter must have the role how the pet playing in the life of the patient and how much is it necessary for them.

But the professional’s license number, including the date, state and type all should be mentioned in the letter. The date of the letter should not be 12 months older than the date of the departure. And hence the letter is valid for one year only. The ESA will not ask you for the discrimination of your pet or any kind of deposit for the letter. The letters just need some of the important information. If you wish you can tag your pet but it is not at all necessary or any compulsion. So it is not at all a very big issue to get the letter.

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