How important approaching the emotional support animal therapist

When one person is mentally disturbed due to excess stress and depression, they need a companion like the emotional support animal which might be dog, cat, and any animal at all the times. If you have such mental issues and always require your pet in any situation, it is compulsory to consult the emotional support animal therapist in your region. These ESA doctors or therapists are actually the mental special doctors who will check the physical and mental conditions of the patients and qualify them for getting ESA letter to carry their pets anywhere.

What is ESA (Emotional Support Animal)?

The emotional support animal is actually the pet of the person which is actually prescribed by his or her licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist who is the mental health professionals. It is basically the part of their mental health treatment designed to provide comfort to them. At the same time, these pets will reduce the negative symptoms of the people who have psychological or emotional disability.

A lot of men and women who require companion because of their loneliness or any other mental issues have these emotional support animals with them in all the situations. In order to legally qualify for getting the ESA letter to carry your pets, it is compulsory to approach the best and trustworthy emotional support animal therapist who will do the simply online mental health test. According to the results, the therapist will issue the ESA letter or certificate to you.


What is in ESA letter?

ESA which is emotional support animal letter given to qualify a particular person take his or her pet anywhere with no restrictions. The ESA letter or certificate given by your mental health professional will contain the following things.

  • A particular person is current his or her patient.
  • There is also the information about whether under his or her treatment of mental disability discovered in the DSM 4 or 5 which is the diagnostic and statistical manual of the mental disorders version IV or V.
  • The disability of a patient considerably limits at least one key life activity.
  • The mental care professional prescribes an emotional support animal for the patient as the significant treatment to take care of the mental health.

Additionally, the ESA letter should be dated and also written on the letterhead of the mental health professional including his or her number, license type, license issued date, and the current state in which it was issued.

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