Female fans that got engaged with star celebrities

It’s not always that the celebrity falls for another celebrity. There are many times when a male celebrity got engaged with their female fans and enjoying their life together. Many stories like this have happened and still going on. For more detail information check http://celebritynetworth.wiki. For now, let’s see who the lucky females who got engaged with celebrities are.

 Alice Kim with Nicolas Cage: This is one interesting story as Kim was working at a restaurant when she first saw Nicolas. Many of these types of stories are present at http://celebritynetworth.wiki. At that time Nicolas was known for the bad role that he was doing. Kim made up her mind and asked him for his autograph. They both got married after that and had a son but eventually later they had a divorce after 11 years of marriage.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: The love has no age limits and this is a story of that. When the movie “Top Gun” was out, Katie was just 9. She had a crush on him and her small dream got bigger when she married Tom Cruise. The cute love story was there for 6 years and they both still have a daughter together.

Liza Powel and Conan O’Brien: Canon is known for that person who hosts the late night shows. Liza was working as an advertisement representative in the show where Conan was there. She appeared in front of him and they both fell in love. The love between them is still burning and the couple is sharing the love for fifteen years now.

Lauren Parsekian and Aaron Paul: They both met each other when they were at Music Festival organized at Coachella Valley. They both had thrilling sessions together and went on few dates. They got engaged in 2013 in Malibu where the theme was Gatsby.

Luciana Barro and Matt Damon: Luciana was working in a bar when her eye gazed upon Matt. It is dream come true that Matt founded Luciana who was not even close to a movie material. They first met each other in 2003 and till now they are together.