Things to consider while choosing a right garden hose

Today, everyone has a beautiful garden with full of plants and trees at one side or in front of the home. Many people love gardening like pouring water and proper care for the trees & plants. When you are a professional gardener or having a garden at home, it is must having a very good garden hose. The garden hose is nothing but the flexible pipe which is very helpful to easily supply enough amount of water to all the plants.


Important factors of garden hose:

If the gardeners would like to choose best hose for your garden, you have to consider the following important details.

  • Hose length – First of all, you need to measure the farthest length of your garden from your pipe connection. According to this maximum length, you have to pick the hose length using the hose spigot or splitter. Having at least 1 or 2 metre excessive length than this farthest distance will be helpful to easily pour water to all trees and plants.
  • Hose strength – Strength of your garden hose is also another important factor to consider. It is an amount of pressure that the garden hose can stand. It is recommended buying the hose which can able to hold more than 350 psi pressure.
  • Hose diameter – According to the water pressure you have, you can buy small diameter for lower pressure and bigger diameter for higher water pressure. Some of the common sizes will be 20 mm, 16 mm, and 25 mm.
  • Temperature range – The temperature range of the typical hose should have to work from 13 to 150 degree Fahrenheit.

Types of garden hose:

When you are willing to choose best hose for your garden, there are several types available such as,

  • Rubber hose – There are both single layer and multilayer rubber hose pipes available with the excellent handling capacity of the mechanical damages and higher water pressures.
  • PVC hose – The most common gardening hose will be the PVC hose which is also known as plastic hose. It has the maximum flexibility than other pipes.
  • Vinyl hose – It is actually a light, easy to carry, and elastic type of gardening hose but it can only able to hold the water pressure of less than or equal to 5 bar.
  • X-hose – It is a new type of hose pipe for your gardening and a combination of elastic rubber hose inside the flattened vinyl hose.