Pollen proof air purifiers a must for allergic people at home!

Whenever we talk about air purifiers, we tend to think that they are made only to flush out the minute invisible particles that come out of the industries, like dust and dirt. But besides that, there are more such particles that are even smaller in dimension. It is because of their smaller dimensions that many of the air purifiers fail to catch them, but they can cause a lot of harmful health problem to the people in the family.

How minute particles suspended in air can cause problem

Some of these particles that remain suspended in air are chemically active. Thus, if they reach our lungs, they can irritate the inside of the alveoli and also cause certain reactions with our body’s immune system. This can in fact lead to certain health problems like sneezing, cold and cough that may be difficult to avoid or overcome.

Pollens that come out of the gardens are such chemically active ingredients that are otherwise harmless but can cause a lot of problem when they enter our lungs. There are many individuals for whom the sneezing, cold and cough problems last for long. No medicines even work for them, mostly because they do not address the main problem of pollens. For such people, it is important to install plant pollen allergy purifier in the houses.

Rocky mountain5How to know if air purifiers are good enough

In order to find out whether air purifiers are good, and to what extent, one must check out the HEPA certification. This certification is offered by a neutral body after a lot of tests performed on the purifiers. Only after the test results are all positive do the manufacturers of these air purifiers get the certification.

Besides, the air purifiers must be equipped with multiple filtration technology. Only this can make sure that they can stop the minute particles like the pollen grains to enter the air. The filters required to stop these pollens have to be extremely minute in their mesh size. They can be stopped only using mechanical filtration and not by any chemical or other method, making the purifiers go up on price.

Only a few manufacturers can offer the best of plant pollen allergy purifier within affordable prices that also supported with discounts. The Rocky Mountain is one such that offers their purifiers for $327 instead of the original price tag of $399 when bought online.