Four Major Gardening Don’ts

All of us love to look at beautiful gardens. But not a lot of us would have what it takes to create a garden or maintain one. This is sometimes because some of us have absolutely no skill or time for gardening. But in some instances, we make so many blunders that we get fed up of gardening for good. So before you come to that stage and extinguish your love for gardening forever, read the following gardening don’ts.

Planting without plan

One of the biggest mistakes that gardening armatures do is to plant without planning. This can be equated to building a house without a plan. Gardening should always be done with a plan, even if you are placing some Dubai outdoor furniture in your garden. It is simply not a matter of planting a few pretty flowering plants. Therefore, start off your garden with a plan.


Sometimes planning takes more time than you would like. But, in the end it will all pay off when you have that beautiful garden that you always dreamed of. If you feel that you are unable to make the plan of your own, get help from a landscaping company. They will give you a detailed plant to plant plan of how exactly your garden would look like, including any furniture and features to be installed.

Choosing the wrong plants

No matter how beautiful a certain plant may look on a magazine cover, we have to come to terms with the fact that not all pants suit all climates and soil types. So therefore, you need to understand the types of plants that would thrive in your climate and soil conditions. So do your research on them. Hit the horticulture section of your local library and read up on this. A bit of research will tell you which types of plants you should be choosing for your garden.


We all have heard of under-watering. Because of the fear of under-watering, many of us end up overwatering our plants. So ensure that you give only the required amount of water to your plants. Set up an automated sprinkler system or water the individual plants yourself.

Fear of pruning

Many people suffer from fear of pruning. What you need to understand here is that pruning allows the plant to grow at a faster rate. It also improves flowering. Therefore, pruning is a good practice, even if the plant is seemingly okay. You may find it difficult the first time, but once you get used to it, you will be pruning away to glory.