Commercial refrigeration for small kitchens

Commercial kitchens often have to operate in very tight spaces, with the layout and food preparation flow optimised to perfection in order to ensure that everything happens quickly, safely and to the highest of quality standards.

This means that kitchen managers need to be ready and prepared to optimise every inch of space. Happily, modern commercial refrigeration units are designed with space limitation in mind and will fit into even the smallest of kitchen spaces, whilst still providing the high-end functionality that a busy commercial environment needs.

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Kitchen layouts

Open plan dining is worth considering, where the undercounter refrigerators and freezers, plus counter units, can be stored at the point where the chef needs to access them. Again, you will find models with compact dimensions that slot neatly under food preparation spaces, or which sit on top of worktops for counter based access. Look for reduced height counter models which can squeeze into under-used areas of the kitchen.

Handy features

Look for clever commercial refrigerators such as, that have been created in response to demand for small space requirements. Some counters and prep stations now offer depths of just 55mm, but with the same features as the standard size range. This slimline design comes in handy for narrow galley type kitchens.

Preparing the kitchen

Another valuable tip is to be prepared and to plan the menu carefully so that food preparation areas can be organised well in advance and kept ready for opening hours. You may also find a freestanding fridge to be useful where your kitchen needs to adapt to a changing menu. These moveable units can simply be resited as close to the relevant food prep area as possible, so that fresh ingredients are ready for the chef. Look for models with a removable chopping board or worktop which can double up as a lid.

Consider investing in a blast freezer and chiller in order to prepare food before demand kicks in. This allows you to streamline the workflow of the kitchen and optimise space. The blast units will maintain food quality and safety –

Modern blast chillers and freezers are now small in size and easy to use, meaning they can be sited under a counter and used to store food once the blast cycle has finished.