Learn what back pain is

Back pain is most common among the peoples. Back pain is nothing but the pain appears in lower back. Chance of back pain is high after the age of 19. Back pain reduces after two weeks.  Lower Back Pain is caused because of sprain, excess or wrong exercise and loss of muscle strength. This is common problem faced by men and women. Overweight create stress in your back and also be the reason behind your back pain. Its  intensity may differ according to your problem.


Reason for back pain:

Smoking is one the major reason for back pain. It will reduce the nutrition supply to our disk and increase the risk of back pain. Disc break down, spasms, kidney stone, pregnancy and infections are the few of the reason of back pain. Lifting excess weight and spending more time in desk or beds increase the back pain. Damages in bones and ligaments may also be the reason for back pains.

Prevention methods:

Regular exercise may save us from back pain.  A good diet practice is much needed to reduce the back pain. After the age of thirty, Calcium deficiency may occur. This can also be the reason behind back pain. Vitamin D is important to absorb the calcium in our food.  Exposing our body in sunlight during the evening will increase vitamin D in our body.  And thus helps in stronger our spine and bones.  Wearing low heals foot wear will reduce your back pain

Time for hospitals:

Back pain doesn’t need desperate treatment but when the back pain severs or pain continuous with numbness or fevers, unexpected weight loss, we should check ourselves in hospitals.  Sometimes injury in spines and lower back muscles becomes the reason for back pain.  MRI scans and X-rays helps to find the injury. Acupuncture is the one of the effective treatment for back pain. If the medicines fail, surgery is preferred.

Many hospitals are treating people with back pain. Choose the reputed hospital to cure your back pain. Mattresses are one of the reasons behind our back pain.   There are many mattresses, chairs and belts available in the market for people who are suffering from back pain. Pain relief oils and gels are also available.  Placing hot or cold packs temporarily reduce the pain but it never fixes the problem in your body.  Painkillers are also referred to reduce the pain but taking too much of pain killer may create side effects.