For perfect living consume healthy food and follow proper diet chart

Healthier foods are the key factor for the good health of the human body. After giving birth to a child the mother must supply mother’s milk the healthy diet for the baby. The child must practice the healthy eating habits as they grow. He should consume different kinds of food for healthy nutrition. The definition of healthy food is different for the people of different ages, sexes and medical conditions. Now we will see some of the basic food items and food materials which are suitable for everyone. Naturally food items are mostly good for anyone. The food materials and items should be devoid of any kind of adulterations and chemical substances which are harmful may create some of the   bad effects in the normal health of the human being.


Regarding healthy eating:

Healthy eating is the best way for a very healthy life. Milk, fruits and green vegetables are the three major staple healthy food items. Food materials and items rich in fat or oil should always be avoided since it causes high cholesterol level in blood. Instead, dry and healthy protein foods like fish, eggs, meat, etc. should be consumed. Cereals and soya beans are also good for health. Various  kinds  citreous fruits such as mangoes, oranges,  pineapple, pomegranates, water melons, etc. can cure different  kinds of diseases like cold, cough, fevers any many more. The fruits and vegetables do not contain any fat, thus these are very good for health. Beans, spinach and lettuce are very useful green vegetables. The fat should always be removed before cooking meat and chicken food items. Milk products like curd are very good for your health. Good quantities of water should be drunk daily, for proper digestion of the food.

Food items to be avoided:

Faulty eating habits like junk food should be avoided. Adding of excess sugar in tea, coffee and cooking should be avoided as much as possible. Tobacco and alcohol must be strictly avoided for a healthy living. A person with heart problems should not drink any alcoholic drink. Eat some of the vegetables like ginger, onion, garlic, carrot; radish, etc. can be fruitful in curing and avoiding lots of infections in the skin. Boiled egg is a very good and pure protein food for you. You should preferably consume boiled food items rather than fried ones. If you follow a proper diet chart made by an expert dietitian or nutritionist with all the essential protein, carbohydrates and minerals in proper quantities, you can live a very healthy life.