Kimberley Dey’s love for Horses- A Trait Not Often Found in Women

Horses have been a favorite pet mostly with the rich people, like kings and maharajas; in fact history reveals that horses played a very important role of any such people as well as the very affluent people of all times. While some employed these horse to amuse themselves by horse riding, others fell in love with these domicile creatures. Kimberley Dey a reputed woman entrepreneur of Honolulu is not just well known for her extraordinary business skills, but for her incessant love and passion for horses.

Kimberley is so in love with these animals that they have occupied a large of her life; she likes to personally take care of them and groom them. Her intense affinity towards these peace loving animals is revealed from the business of horse breeding she has started. It is possible that she wants the world to have more horses because they are just harmless and warm animals.

She does not pass a single day of her life without spending some time with her horses; even though she is so busy establishing her business. Apart from taking care of the horses, she has incorporated her passion and charity together by organizing horse riding tournaments in Hawaii. Kimberly Dey is an excellent horse rider too, and has bagged for herself to this day the winner’s title of the World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider Completion of two years in a row.

Horses are said to be very similar to humans, in the way that they learn by imitation and are extremely social animals. Their ability to learn through experience and practice has led Kimberley to train them so well that they have secured quite a few national and international awards for themselves. But this equine friend of yours ahs a few fears too, which only you can take care of and help them overcome it.

When you notice that this naïve animal gets threatened of other horses at the practice arena and wards of sideways when another horse gets too close, you can be sure that you horse is going through some kind of phobia. But in order to do that the thing that you majorly need is patience.

You could start training him to overcome his fear by working with another horse in the same environment that he is used to when he is alone. You could ask a friend of yours to bring his horse along and ride in the arena while you spend time with your horse within the same precincts. Ride your horse beside your friend only as far as your horse allows, and do this using the reins. Change sides often while riding in this manner, in order to assure your horse that he is safe even when he is between the other horse and the boundary of the arena.

Slowly let the other horse walks up to your horse only till the point your horse is comfortable, and gradually, decrease the distance between the two animals. B patient and carry out these steps slowly and you will notice that this friend of yours from the stable will become much more ‘stable’ with time.