Jack Bonner at A2W – Bringing out the Truth of a Brand

In the present times of social media and paid media, often times, one gets to see what the company wants their people to see. A brand can be a celebrity, or a firm committed to selling and making money in a true blue capitalist way but at the same time, are they only doing that? A PR team working round the clock for the company or individual would always keep a tab on what the customers or audience are saying and how good or bad is it to the business.

In case of crises, media must get right communication from the firm and that they are doing well and there is no need to panic. A PR team is now an investment, every business worth its salt wishes to make besides spending heavily on marketing also. But besides these strategies, companies are also welcoming third party advocacy groups and individuals like Jack Bonner at A2W who bridges in these gaps and brings out the reality.

A third party advocacy is not a new term and this is something that works towards keeping the community and customers, stakeholders and everyone concerned with the business aware. The outsiders might not know when a business is shutting down and yet, if they get a whiff of that, then in the days of internet, this might cause panic in the stakeholders’ minds who might have also invested a lot.

A business has a lot of responsibility and it cannot afford to make any mistakes. A disgruntled employee might try to harm the company’s reputation online. It is not unheard of in the past too and yet, in the past, internet was not there. Any badmouthing would be there just in a section of the market, and this would not scare people much. But today, with companies going global online, their customers online round the clock and their stakeholders and investors too, it is easy to tarnish the image of a company in an instant.

Companies in times like these consult Jack Bonner A2W and bring in them to learn about the company’s realities. Advocacy to Win is an organization that works as a community of people who ensure that every business works legally, legitimately, and if the company does that, then they even give the feedback to the society. As a third- party advocacy team, this firm works relentlessly to ensure that no firm dies an unnatural death or meets an untimely end just because of a rash or vengeful employee.

They would offer to review and give feedback on the products a company offers, clears airs about a firm’s real controversy and all of these would be online. Since the customers, vendors and stakeholders are online and they would always trust the word of a reliable firm and third party advocates too. So, today, more than ever, the role of third party advocacy is as vital as hiring a good PR firm to ensure that there is transparency between the company and the society.