Introduction to Ecstasy Pills and buying them

Ecstasy pills date back to 1912, and it was named as MDMA before. At first these pills were used by army officials to deal with psychological warfare tests; after a decade, people started using it as a medication to psychotherapy medications to treat lower inhibitions and later started using as a party drug.

And in 1980, MDMA was most common in weekend parties and being promoted as the hottest thing in providing utmost happiness through chemistry. In later years, MDMA is renamed as ecstasy and drug has been banned by the court due to safety concerns of users.

 There is a misunderstanding about ecstasy drug in young crowd as they feel drug only enhances fun and does not cause any harm! Ecstasy pills take away person’s strength, motivation, money and most of all sanity. Even a small amount of ecstasy drug can be toxic enough to poison the nervous system and cause beyond repair damage.


Things should be considered before buying ecstasy pills online

  • Current online drug market is overflowing with stronger dosages of xtc te koop than ever before.
  • Some ecstasy pills are even twice the amount of normal dose. And, this drug is highly popular in parties which provide kick to the users.
  • But, main problem with these ecstasy drugs are they do not contain used ingredients list on outer cover and cannot assumed without conducting lab analysis.
  • According to survey, the most dangerous thing in an ecstasy is ecstasy itself since it contains more toxic than the drug has to contain. It even leads to death of a person while using higher dosages.
  • If the person decides to take the pill even after knowing all the after consequences should be prepared for whatever possibility waiting. Because nobody knows how much ecstasy is present in tablet. So be cautious before adventure, take half a tablet initially and take another half an hour later, which is somewhat considered as safe dosage.
  • Prescriptions in many countries are very much costlier, so many prefer order their prescriptions from online pharmacies.
  • But, buying ecstasy drugs online are not legally safe but few trust worthy online pharmacies are also there to consider.
  • Before ordering medicines online, person needs to find genuine online pharmacies.
  • These online pharmacies are nothing but internet bound vendors who deal with prescription medicines.
  • Online pharmacies are huge success since people get more deductions on actual cost of medicines and way better than traditional pharmacies.
  • More than that foreign drugs are cheaper when compared with local medicines.
  • There are innumerable online pharmacies and choosing the right one is always difficult.
  • Many are licensed and many are illegal.
  • Illegal pharmacies mislead customers in many ways and even send drugs with variation in dosages and some other name rather than prescribed medicine.
  • Since many states are very particular about taking strict action on online illegal pharmacies, they operate from other countries which do not have knowledge on medication knowledge and security guidelines.