Connecting People and God Are Prophets and Their Devotion for Both

A prophet as per the Bible is “one called to speak” the words, reveal the truth and articulate what God wants to share with his people. Today the prophets might not represent the Old Testament Prophets, might not be the same when it comes to expressing God’s words. Nonetheless, there are still some truly blessed individuals capable of being the speaker and leader of people.

In the present age, world has been constantly witnessing the growth of restlessness, stress, depression and other vices that affect people’s well-being and sanity. There has always been the need to defeat the Satan and eradicate all that is evil. With today’s society progressing towards advanced ways of living, many stopped believing in religion and the concept of God altogether. In times like these, there is desperate need to revive in people the faith and love for him.

Prophet TB Joshua, leader and founder of a Christian organization SCOAN (the Synagogue Church of All Nation) in Lagos is the speaker of God’s words who touched hearts of millions of people. He communicates with god and asks for his blessing through prayers. Hence, when every week thousands of people visit this church, they seek the help of this prophet who with his powerful prayer to God can perform miracles, save lives and transform them. Prayers said by prophet are more influential since they do it with honesty, and without greed, something today’s ordinary men and women cannot perform. His anointing water has also transformed many lives, especially during the time of disasters.

People from various nations and the local crowd gather at the church, on weekends when this prophet preaches what God had said. He points out what is the truest way of following the path set by the Almighty and how to travel it. Living in a materialistic web, average people have forgotten the simple truths of life and have an empty existence. Giving life a meaning is what a prophet does for his fellow humans. Thus, he is the messenger but also a guide to enlighten minds and show them the way to salvation, the only way to end the cycle of happiness and misery, and gain eternal peace.

Prophet TB Joshua also predicts future events, as should a true prophet. He has been accurate with all his prophecies, related to the people who visited his church, and also warned organizations about possible future terrorist attacks, has prophesied future of some worldly renowned individuals and much more. Besides his farsightedness, he has been an example of true guardian of humanity. Helping several communities, and giving huge donations to the police force of Ghana, Nigeria and Colombia, to those in worse conditions, providing scholarships to extremely talented students. During the times of disasters in different nations, he had sent a team of expert medical personnel and relief workers to assist treat and support the victims.

Truth is not lost, it relives through the good deeds and actions of prophets, the bridge between the God and the people.