Things that should be considered before buying a 72 hour emergency food kit

Our daily lifestyle could easily be disrupted unexpectedly by natural calamities such as tornados, hurricanes, flood, snow or a manmade disaster. When these kinds of situations arrive you might need to survive for days or even weeks before the arrival of any help. That is why you should have at least a 72 hour kit to be used during emergency. An emergency 72 hour kit should include a variety of items so that everyone can be prepared when a crisis arises. As recommended by experts, every individual should have a minimum of three-day supply of water and food to use during an emergency situation. Although some other items should be added to the emergency kit, food and water are the most important things needed for humans in order to survive. While buying a 72 hour emergency food kit you should consider few factors. Read below to know more.


  • First thing to consider while buying an emergency food kit is to know the probable caloric requirements. In many emergencies such as an earthquake or tornado you might stay at your own house or have to go to a friend or family member’s house temporarily. Therefore, you would have access to a fair amount of food and calorie intake won’t be much of an issue. You will need a 72 hour emergency food kit when you would be forced to evacuate an area during a disaster. While getting a kit, you need to take into account the caloric requirements of each member of your family. Always read the labels that list the calories to make the right purchase.
  • Most of the children tend to be fussy eaters. A lot of them do not eat anything other than one or two specific food items. Some prefer scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets, French toast or something different. Sometimes even if they are hungry they don’t eat. They have to like the food that is being served before them. So choose kit that provides tasty and delicious food. This will ensure that your little ones won’t go hungry during the rise of an emergency crisis.
  • Make sure that the emergency food kit you buy provides food that will not spoil easily. Foods that have shelf life of about 20 years should be included in the kid. The food in the kid should remain fresh and edible for a long period of time. Also check whether the packaging of the kit is sealed properly. If not then external factors can invade the kit and degrade the quality of the food.

Many people take the importance of 72 hour emergency food kit for granted and end up being in need at the time of a disaster. Sometimes despite the food supplies being available delivery becomes very difficult. If an area is adversely affected then delivery of food will take time making many people go hungry. You should start to learn the importance of emergency preparedness. Not all the time food and water will be available. So for safety you should keep at least a three-day emergency kit at hand.