Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners to Learn – Start with Guitar Basics!

Playing a musical instrument is one of the most sophisticated extra-curricular activities that one can learn. In fact, many learners are so skilled and talented that they take this extracurricular activity seriously and plan a career in this field. Amongst the many musical instruments, one instrument that is probably the most popular one and that most song and music lovers dream of playing is a guitar.

There are the acoustic guitars and then there are the electric guitars. Both have their own musical appeal. With the increasing trends, more and more youngsters are being drawn towards learning how to play the guitar. The best part of this musical trend is that many of these youngsters are self-taught. Thanks to the many options and opportunities that they get nowadays, in order to persuade their knack of learning how to play a guitar.


Start with the basics:

If you are thinking of teaching yourself how to play a guitar, it is a must that you know about the basics of the six strings that are there on a guitar. How the strings are manipulated for playing a song or music on the guitar, can be written down in the form of notes. These notes are called the tabs. There are many websites that sell the full list of songs that the beginners can play. You can visit any of these websites and access the songs and start with them.

How to play the songs on a guitar?

Once you have accessed the sites that sell the full list of songs that you can choose a song to start with, you need to learn how to play the song on the guitar. For that you can either take the help of the tabs or you can go through the videos of the same song being played on a guitar.

Videos are a great way to see how the strings are manipulated to produce the desired sound. Once you manage to learn the basic steps through the videos, you can proceed towards following the tabs. The tabs are a good choice for those, who have skilled the beginner’s level. Once you understand the tabs, you will not have to follow the videos. You would easily be able to follow the tabs and play the music on your own. But of course, before you develop such an expertise or skill, start with the basic songs. Gradually you will be able to play music on your own or even try new songs that you have never practiced.