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If you are planning to go to an art school then you are obviously wondering what is required to get in.

In other fields or courses all you may need is your acceptance letter and a suitcase of your clothes. Those are skills that you have gone to learn so all the tools necessary are in the school already. In the field of arts, you need to show a lot more than an acceptance letter.

There must be a passion that drives you and pushes you to be an artist. This s why you will find the criteria for arts a bit more daunting than other courses. The board cannot tell of your talent by reading a few papers. They can only feel your passion by seeing it and at times seeing you.

Here are some of the things you can expect should you apply to any college for the purpose of the arts.


What speaks more for you as an artist than a portfolio of your work? Showing who you are as an artist is very important when applying to an art school. It takes more than a few of your favorite pictures. When assembling your portfolio make it as neat as possible. Get the plastic wrap binders to protect your photos. You should also show diversity in the things you choose such as pencil art and paint. Make the art speak for itself. Though the criteria differs in the many art schools you may apply to they all want a portfolio either a physical one or a digital one.

Artist’s Statement.

The artist’s statement is another important way in which the applicant t can express themselves and their work. The artist should write a statement explaining how they view their art and what exactly inspired them to do certain piece or work in a certain style. The artist will use their statement as a way to sell their art. The statement is not meant to tell people how they should view your art. Every piece of art is viewed and understood differently by different people.

Test scores and Grades.

Despite what most people think the test grades and scores of most people actually do matter. Even when you are applying to art school the score you get could determine a lot of things. If you want to get scholarship then you really need to get higher scores on your SAT.

If you need any form of financial aid then your higher test scores will give you an advantage over the others.


Most art schools will have you come in for an interview before they decide on whether to accept your application or not. You can bring your artists statement and portfolio with you. The interview will be an added advantage to anyone who wants to join the school. It gives the admissions board more information about you and more chances of accepting you into the school. You can also research on the topics that you may be asked questions on beforehand.


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