Candy Crush Saga for PC

 Candy Crush Saga is the latest fad among game lovers.  It is played by almost all age groups. This interesting puzzle game is supported by android and windows smart phones.

The game of Candy crush saga is based on old concept but the way it is represented makes it very interesting. In this game, a player has to match maximum number of candies.  It also consists of different levels and challenges which make the players remain hooked to the game.

 But, it has been observed that playing this game for a longer duration of time takes a toll on the battery life of the smart phone. Now for all Candy Crush lovers, there is good news. This exciting game can now be played in PC as well. All you need to do is to install the game in your PC or laptop.  The PC version is equipped with high quality graphics which makes it more interesting for its users.


The PC version of this popular puzzle game has certain striking features such as:

  • Manager boards of all your friends can be viewed within the game.
  • You can easily synchronize the game with Face book Id and can easily operate it from anywhere within your comfort zones.
  • The design and the simple user interface increase the excitement of the game.
  • The levels of the game are all very exciting yet simple. Due to its simplified nature it can be played by one and all with ease.

Now, a common question will pop up in your mind that how to play this game in PC or Laptop.  To start playing this game in your PC or laptop, you must follow some simple steps namely:

  • At first you need to download the Bluestacks App player in your PC or Laptop
  • Second step is to install the app in your system as per the instructions furnished.
  • Thereafter, you need to run the Bluestacks App player with the desktop icon.
  • Next step is to go to the search box and find the Candy Crush Saga. From the results so obtained, you need to select the “Candy Crush Saga for Laptop or PC option”.
  • After that you need to install it in your computer system. As soon as the installation process completes, the icon of the game appears in the Bluestacks home display.
  • Just click on it and start your game.

 So enjoy this exciting game today without worrying about battery or updating your smartphone device. Just install it in your PC and enter the world of adventurous “Candy Crush Saga for pc”.

Hack tools are used to make the game more playable and enjoyable

In the world of video games the strategical games always leads the players into world of thinking. There are many top ranking strategical genre games. One of such top ranking game is clash royale. The success of every game actually depends on in what way the game captures the hearts of the players and how does it creates the curiosity and interest among the players. The developers of clash royale always strive to entertain the video game players and hence they develop the games that attract players all around the world. The video games are played to spend our time interestingly. Clash Royal really makes your time more interesting and exciting. The puzzle solving games always has some separate space in the market and players always love to play strategical games.

The clash royale game is played with 8 cards chosen by the player. The player has to enter the arena, and choose their favorite characters. After choosing their favorite characters they play inorder to clash with their opponents and defend their island or village.clash royale hack23The interesting part of the game is to defeat the opponents by knocking out the King and princess from their tower and defend your tower. You will gain more cards and chests as you knock out the King and Princess and protect your tower from the opponents. When you win the battle you will have chests and using the chests you will be able to earn gems, gold and cards.

There are hack tools to use in the game to make the game more playable and interesting.  Use Clash Royale Cheats tool enjoy the additional features of the game. The hack tool actually enables the player to generate unlimited gold and gems. The hack tool is easy to download the tool and install on your mobile phones or gadget. It is available for android, iOS, PC and MAC users.

Clash of Clans Hack for free

Super Cell being the renowned game developers, ever since their launch of Clash of Clans have moved aside all the other game establishers. Yes! This Clash of Clans has marked a great milestone in the iOS and Android platform for its exuberant fascinating features. It’s a sort of real time strategy game which makes the game players to be seated with thrill and fun. It has put the game player to sit for hours and forget him totally from the surroundings. This is the mark of the game which is challenging all other newly developed games. It is wonder to say that yet no other game is there to challenge Clash of Clans. This game comes with features to earn gems which are treated as currencies to purchase gold and elixir by crossing obstacles of the game.


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  • Get into an online hack link and go to the tool page of coc hack
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