Tips For First Timers Traveling In Dubai

If you’ve never been to the UAE, then you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. Dubai has amazing sights to see and awe-inspiring experiences for just about everyone. But for a first timer, there may be a lot of things that you will miss if you don’t know much about the place you’re visiting. If you don’t do a bit of research, you may find yourself doing something wrong, or simply missing out on amazing deals and experiences. Here are a few tips for first timers like you.

Airport Facilities

If you intend to be doing a lot of traveling, you may be wondering how you’ll get about. In addition to providing taxis to get from the terminal to your hotel, you can also get car rental Abu Dhabi airport companies will supply. You can hire out your own transport right as you land, or book a vehicle of your choice before you even take flight. This is a great way to see the country at your own convenience.

Holidays and Opening Hours

One thing you should know about Dubai is that if you want to go shopping, most retail outlets are open from 9 am to 1 pm, and 4 pm to 9 pm. Also, if you find yourself taking that rent a car vehicle out for a spin on a Friday, which is the Islamic day of rest, don’t expect all the shops to be open. Most of them will be, but just in case, stick to another day of the week for shopping, or if Friday is the only day you have, note that every single place closes for prayers between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm. Check this out if you are looking for qualified car rental service.


Women Travelers

Dubai is absolutely safe for women, unlike many other countries around the world. So if you’re a woman traveling alone, there isn’t anything to fear. You may get some looks and some attention, but you can have a quite liberal and hassle-free stay. Many people assume that women will have a hard time traveling around, but they actually have a few advantages. Women are served first at government offices and banks, and even have their own queues. You should, however, take care not to be offensive. Dress conservatively if you’re in public, though you don’t have to worry if you are staying at a resort.


Dubai is a very family-friendly country to visit, and there are plenty of amusement parks and fun activities for the family to prove it. Hotels have wide varieties of kids’ meals, and baby sitting services for when you want to go for a night out. The best thing, however, is that children under 12 get a lot of discounts on tickets to parks, pools, and entertainment centers!

If you’re going to Dubai, especially with the family, then you’re going to have the time of your life!