The commercial kitchen equipment that can save you money and time

There are lots of expenses to consider when running a commercial kitchen, which is why having the right equipment is so important. The best appliances, gadgets and accessories in your kitchen can save you both time and money, so read on to find out which equipment you should consider adding to your kitchen to help it function at its best.

Tai Tung Chinese Restaurant Kitchen, stacked bowls, since 1935, Seattle, Washington, USA

High-speed cooking ovens

If you can cook food more quickly, you can send the orders out more quickly, serve more customers, and make more money in the long run. This is why having a fast oven is a great money saver in addition to being a time-saving device. These kinds of high-speed cooking ovens are ideal for larger kitchens with a high turnover of dishes. They enable a faster work rate for the kitchen and keep customers happy by facilitating a speedy and efficient service.

Walk-in refrigerators

A large kitchen needs a large fridge and there is no better investment that a walk-in fridge in which you can easily store all your refrigerated items. A well-stocked fridge that is large enough means you can find what you are looking for immediately, as everything is laid out neatly with plenty of space. The perfect fridge will also have top safety accessories and a control system to ensure the temperature is ideal for the items you are storing.

Pizza ovens

Pizza ovens that are traditional in style will turn out a perfect pizza every time. Think about an Italian-style oven with a refractory base to enable the pizza to be cooked directly on the base. These ovens are available from stockists such as and will provide the most authentic cooking experience. The ideal oven will also enable you to cook the ideal pizza every time, whether you want it thin and crispy in the Roman style or with a doughy base in the Neapolitan style.

Coffee machines

Everyone loves a good coffee; however, making an appetising coffee is an art form. A machine to take the stress away from preparation saves you a lot of time and will never waste the coffee, milk or sugar, as it can perfectly measure the quantities every single time. This saves you resources, which in the end saves money.