Texting and Driving with GWC USA Inc

GWC USA Inc a valve distribution company based out of Bakersfield, California. The company is known for their community services and causes that they reach out to help the community with. Among those causes is texting and driving. The international issue began when smart phones became everyone’s best friend and life line. There are many strengths and weaknesses of local texting and driving campaigns that GWC USA Inc is trying to help the community perfect so their campaigns are effective. Here is a SWOT Analysis by GWC USA Inc that analyzes the potential of a texting and driving campaign to young people:


  • The use of scare tactics, persuading tactics, unique positioning
    • Facts about deaths and outcomes of texting and driving may scare young people out of doing the act
    • Persuading tactics are at the discretion of the team creating the advertisement and campaign
  • Marketing Research
    • Testing the campaign on individuals in the target market will give the team an accurate idea of a potential larger response
  • Resources
    • Communication with the client is frequent and allows for an effective execution of the campaign
    • Communication channels to the youth of Bakersfield, California
  • Internal Support
    • Internal support from community members, the city, and the government


  • Communication
    • Communication to create a unified campaign and understanding of the desired vision/message
  • Monetary Resources
    • Although the campaign is allocated a budget, the spending may not be approved given the strength of the idea(s)/campaign


  • Young people are easily persuaded
    • With the use of different tactics combined with young people who are less experienced/educated can be susceptible to new ideas
  • Provoke change
    • Have an impactful campaign that will decrease the amount of young adults and adolescents who text and drive
  • Growth
    • Prolong the campaign efforts given a successful response from students with collateral (printed materials, accessories with the campaign purpose, posters/ads)


  • The target market is ignorant to the campaign
    • Young people are often pressed for time and effort with their schedules and assignments. Therefore, they may not dedicate any attention to the campaign efforts
  • Other community events/activities
    • If other events/activities are scheduled on the same day as the campaign event, it may take away some of the target market’s attention
  • Social Trend: Snapchat
    • The social trend of snapchat (social media where one films/documents their experiences and instantly share it) and driving is increasing quickly in popularity. This means that there are more elements that may need to be addressed in the texting and driving campaign

For more information about GWC USA Inc’s community efforts, visit the link provided above.