Observing innovative work of students is easy now

Living in this current generation is really lucky thing since we are getting many advantages in our all work. We have to monitor the student they are doing many project and activity works for us. Actually monitor students is not only checking their activity of nature but also to follow u their project and many innovative work process without missing any interesting factors. In many school there would no such communication between the parents, teacher and students directly. Actually they are all in different end and so their real and instant communication is missing over here. When the communication is going well between the parents and teacher then only the progress of the student will go well and they can able to monitor their all activity without missing anything.


Introducing so many new things to class rooms is nice things. Technology development is going beyond our expectation and the developers are really making the best kind of work progress. Actually if you are wanted to make out with the best kind of application of monitoring the each and every progress and different innovative activity of the students then use class doo app. CassDojo is the app that making the best track for communication between the parents and teacher. For ever students name you can create one personal profile in that. Within that account the teacher, parents and the particular student’s only bale to exchange their message. The immediate activities such as drawings, or any craft work or any project ideas of the students that he made can be posted in that profile that can be viewed by teach and parents so that they both will comments and tell the review about their work.

This method is giving the open forum between them. So that there is be no such hidden thing about the progress of the students. Another thing is the video conferencing facility. If you are getting any needs or situation to see something and want to have face to face communication then you can also use the option video conferencing. This application can be used in all tabs, smart phones and in personal computers.  You will give with the login id and pass word for managing your profile personally. Only with the internet connection you are able to use the application without any hidden cost. Have strong password for your profile so that avoid the unauthorized usage of other.