Led shoes which are liked by children more

The LED light shoe got more craze in the year of 2015. Several companies designed shoes in their own styles with the help of existing shoes. Most shoes in online have switched inside the shoe which controls the color along with on/off state.  Light up shoes are commonly named as LED shoes and these shoes are  the  perfect accessory for events and parties. Light light shoe produces several flashing lights which are beautiful and very attractive. The colors coming from these shoes are bright and dazzling and these shoes are coming with rechargeable battery. These batteries can save charge more than six hours. There are some LED shoes which are controlled by mobile application Example is sync footwear. For sync footwear, all features can be controlled through a convenient application in the phone. It contains lots of settings, which involves solid colors and also it have various characteristics to control fast.  Recent shoes are developing with lots of different styles and colors.


Different types of kids shoes in market:

Slevel LED Light shoe: Kids will love these kind of shoes. They are more stylish and comfortable. In terms of shoe color it comes with four different types of dynamic color changes, then 7 types of distinctive static colors. Combined with those colors it can produce eleven attractive lightning patterns. To change light color you can use hidden switch. Once you off the switch in the leds kids shoes it acts as normal sneakers. This type of shoes can take charge for around 3 hours and these batteries provide enough illumination up to 11 hours. They are made with very high quality of synthetic leather and with the combination of breathable soles and wear-resistant.

Ecocity seven color LED shoes:  This shoe can be made from textile and it provides nine dynamic color types and seven static color types. With the combination of dynamic and static it can produce sixteen unique color designs. In this shoe  switch is conveniently placed inside the shoes and it is lightweight too. Because of its less weight children move anywhere, without any difficulties.

Husksware multi color Lightning shoes:

These shoes will be great if you present these shoes as a gift to your children for birthday parties or for Christmas. In this type of leds kids shoes colors are pleasant and it will fit perfect for the kids. It will be and safe and can wear even in rainy days, but it is advisable that it should not wear in higher wet conditions.  A button inside the shoes helps to change the color and settings of the shoes. This can be worn  conveniently for any different occasions.