How a person can apply for the rashan card?

Rashan card is the card that is used by the people for fulfilling their daily needs. These cards are issued by the authority of the state government.  The people use is card for the purchasing of the essential goods items from the shops that offers the fair prices.  The use of this card is very much beneficial for the citizen of a country. After getting the card a person is legally permitted to get the commodities at the subsidized rates. Today this card is also become a very useful tool for the identification of a person. To apply for the rashan card one must be fully eligible in getting this. The one who cross the eligibility criteria can easily get the rashan card without any problem. A person gets this card with the expense of a very small amount. You get the card with short time period too. Formally the rashan card is also known as the family card. This card helps the person to save the money on the basic requirements of the household materials.


Here are some steps to apply for the ration cards-

  1. Eligibility criteria- A person applying for the rashan card must be fully eligible to get it. One who does not fulfill the eligibility criteria cannot get the rashan card. The applicant must be residing at a country. The citizenship will let you to get the rashan card. The applicant family member must live and cook separately to get the card.
  2. Download the application form through online –An applicant must download the application form of rashan card through the online. You can go to the internet café and ask from the person to download the application form for filling.
  3. Arrange the documents for proof- Collect all the necessary documents like the aadhar card, identity proof card, Voter ID card or the address proof as a proof while filling the application form. These documents are necessarily required for the verification of a person who is filling an application form.
  4. Fill correct details- While filling an application form just fill all the necessary details correctly. Fill all details neatly and with correct spellings so that the one who will make the card may fill correct details of yours. Do not write the false information otherwise you will get into the trouble.

Considering the above mentioned points will help to fill the application form for the rashan card very much easily.