Have Your Business Account Under UAE To Ensure Business Privacy

Offshore Companies is served for the purpose to carry out international business belongs to any type. IBC is entitled to have a bank account in UAE.

Purpose of Offshore Company:

  • Run Business In Legal Way:

UAE is not tax Included Company. You will not be charged more, as dubai offshore company cost is less. While you open your Company in UAE, you will come under the complete protection of UAE law and you will find chance to carry out your business in legal way by all standards.

  • Confidentiality Is Achieved:

Name and income of beneficiaries are not protected. In UAE, all details about share holders and directors of International Business Companies will be maintained confidentially.


  • Multiple Activities:

IBC is used for trading or broker or professional services. It can serve as a property holding Company or share holder.

  • Office Location Dubai:

Your Company has registered office in Dubai which is the center for global businesses and also acts as the destination for all investors who acts International.

  • Choice Of Bank:

IBCs are allowed to create account under any banks under UAE.

RAK Offshore Company:

RAK FTZ is going on increasing with its popularity on International business. The main advantage of RAK is, it will store the status of your Company in incorporate documents. dubai offshore company cost is very less.  It has legal status of International Company.

Advantages On Hiring Them:

  • There is no tax
  • It offers 100% ownership
  • It also provide fast incorporation
  • It offers low price
  • It will not show restriction on activities
  • There is no need for auditing
  • You are having chance to create a bank account in UAE
  • It offers no restrictions on Nationality

Entire data will be maintained with complete security. If you open an account for your International Business Company in UAE, you will be availed with complete protection by UAE Law. You no need to bother about legality of your business to be carried out with standards. It is the way through which you will find out chance to carry out your business in legal way. With your registration under them, your business is said to be completely legal. You are also protected by UAE law. It is also included under tax policy one. You can obtain legality to your business. The secret information of your business will never be leaked out by UAE. Your business information will come under the complete Governance of UAE. Just enjoy your business privacy and also reliability.