Features for Buying Thread Gages

While buying the thread gages, make sure you buy from a reliable source. The manufacturers and dealers should provide quality material. It should precision hand lapped and polished to ensure superior accuracy. The products should be ASME/ANSI B1.2 AND ANSI B1.1M complaint. It should be manufactured with gage blanks. There should be free NIST certificate of accuracy provided by the thread lug gages. Make sure the dealers provide 100% guarantee of the products.

Inch Feeler Thread Gage Set- Benefits

A feeler gage can be described as a tool having a number of metal pieces of different shapes which are put together as a whole. It looks very similar to the pocket knife but when opened it takes the shape of a circle. This is widely used by the mechanics and technicians who are involved in the construction fields for measuring small amounts of gaps. Feeler gage is available in various shapes and sizes but it can sometimes be even custom built to meet one’s specific needs.

Thread gauge5A regular ruler will not give the exact result no matter what. This is because the heavy machinery, automobiles, aerospace, electronics, medical and manufacturing equipments have very tiny gaps which are difficult to measure with a normal ruler.  The feeler gage perfectly fits into these minute gaps and fills the spaces. The blades of various thicknesses are made to fit into the gap until you get a thickness blade which fits perfectly into the gap. The ends which are specific for measuring are usually rounded so that it is easy to measure the small gaps.

A general feeler gage has 12 blades each of one inch space. These blades are called feeler blades and they are made using the best quality carbon steel to avoid the corrosion and rust. Each blade has marking on them so that the user can easily distinguish between them and use them for correct and accurate measurements. These blades ae very flexible and are bound to one hinge at the centre. Their flexibility provides them that they can be laid one upon the other. The markings are done in such a way that the thickness reads in thousandths of an inch and hundredths of a millimeter. A 0.005 marking on the blade means it is 5 thousandths of an inch which is approx 0.12mm. These blades are sometimes made in brass material and this is very helpful when dealing with magnetic components. Visit WESTportcorp.com to know more!