Tips for Having Eco Friendly Air Conditioning Systems

Eco friendly products are those products that don’t harm the environment. With the rising problem of global warming, it’s high time we take it seriously and consider usage of the eco friendly products, especially when it comes to ozone depleting electronic products like Air conditioning systems, refrigerator etc.

With the recent advancement in science and technology, development of environment friendly air conditioning systems has become easier. Here are some ways to make the air conditioner an energy efficient system.

Right size

Right size means extra savings. Make sure, your air conditioner is of the right size, neither too small, nor too big.

A larger size AC will drain too much energy which contributes to unnecessary waste of energy and increase in the energy bills. Moreover, they wear out quickly, thus they’re less efficient and cost more money to run.

On the contrary, a much smaller size won’t give proper cooling. So, it’s important you consider the right size while purchasing.

Geothermal heat pump

Geothermal heat pumps offer an energy efficient alternative to air conditioners. They’re cheap, easy to install, and drain less energy.

Two stage compressors

Go for the 2 stage air compressors. It automated features will perform compressing function according to the weather, lesser compression on cool days, where as more compression on hot days. This saves energy.

Programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostat is a convenient and affordable solution since it comes with automatic powering feature. It will turn on and off automatically for cooling.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans eliminates the necessity of AC during cool and mild days. It also rises the thermostat temperature by a fewer degree when AC is working.  Moreover, many ceilings fans are able to circulate warm air during winter.

House fans

They are the simplest and one of the most inexpensive ways of cooling your home. They’ll draw the outdoor air with the help of open windows and exhaust the hot indoor air. No need of air conditioner during mild climate.

Evaporative or Swamp Cooler

They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and run on nearly about one tenth of the energy of the air conditioner.

Increasing insulation

Increase your insulation. Insulation such as radiant heat barrier can reduce up to 97% of the radiant heat.

Regular maintenance

It’s important you service your air conditioning unit at least once in a year. Also, if any part need replacement then you need to replace it. Proper Maintenance and replacement will increase the life span of the product and will also save energy.

A little research can help you finding green and eco friendly products. A lot of electronic manufacturers and dealers across globe are considering global warming issue very seriously and are manufacturing and selling eco friendly products. We are taking example of two very popular names in the electronic industry:

LG Electronics” promotes green environment with eco friendly gadgets. They create products that are highly efficient which is why it has been named as environmental conscious and green innovators.

Moreover, online superstore Amazon has added an Amazon green section that lists the products which are rated as “Most environmental-friendly” by the customers.

So, opt for totally eco friendly products and have a safe and secure environment. Can anything be safer than an eco friendly environment?

Here Are 5 Awesome Gifts for Your Stressed Friend

Stress is poisonous to health and it is the root cause for all kind of ailments that one faces. Bad times come in life and leave us dejected but moving ahead is the only solution as one cannot escape the thing called life. So, when you know that your best buddy is going through a bad phase in life and cannot cope up with it, you can get these wonderful gift ideas dubai for him/her and help that person change in a positive manner. 

Flowers: Nothing can compete with the beauty of a flower! The bright colored petals along with an alluring fragrance help to curb down the stress and tension. In fact, you can get a jasmine or gardenia flower plant for your friend as these flowers work wonders in alleviating negative thoughts and induce a great sleep. Generally, the stressed and anxious people find it hard to fall asleep and by keeping these flowers in the home would get them a lovely sleep and gradually the stress would be removed.

Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates are proven to carry a gamut of antioxidants that make people happy. Dark chocolate consumption magically improves bad mood or stressed mind and body, a basket full of some ravishing dark chocolates would be a great gift for someone who is coping with stress. You would find these thrilling chocolate hampers and baskets in gift shops in Abu Dhabi. So, buy them and gift a stress-free life to your friend.

Fragrant Candles and Essential Oils: Just lighting up fragrant candles subsides anxious thoughts. Essential oils like lavender oil, sandalwood oil, peppermint oil, etc. are very refreshing and applying them directly on the forehead or mixing in bathing water gives wonderful results. One feels rejuvenated for sure. So, combine these two magical things and make your friend happy.

Spa Treatment: A spa is actually necessary once in every month. For a stressed person, this is the best medicine. A floral bath and body massage heal a person beautifully. Scout for the best spa treatment centers in your friend’s locality and send him there for a life-changing experience.

A Road Trip: A shift in your thought changes many things around you. When your friend is disturbed emotionally, a shift in place may do the trick. So, take a road trip with him and go to an unknown place and let him heal. A road trip comes with many challenges and with these little challenges, people learn new lessons. There is happiness in enjoying the little moments and absolutely no grace in mourning over past moments. Your friend’s stressed soul would be rejuvenated for sure.